Futuristic Robot
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The Shadows That Linger

A year long college project that will release commercially. Its goals were to  My efforts in this game were with the audio, environments, and object interactions. I also assisted in fixing the bugs that were found in our many playtests, especially the bugs pertaining to areas that I worked on. Some of the issues I ran into while working on this project came from my inexperience in working with audio, but I have overcome those issues and learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way: Double-check software versions, know the limitations of the engine you're working with, and never be afraid to ask for help.

You can play what is done so far here:


Technical Skills

Languages: C#, Java

Engines: Unity, Unreal 4

Fields: Gameplay

Tools: Git and Github

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I'm a senior at Indiana University Bloomington majoring in Computer Science with a specialization in game development and a minor in game design. I have spent hundreds of hours working in the Unity engine and have experience making games with it and working with a team on a long-term project as well.



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